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LRG2-based stats hub

LRG2 (Lordgenome) is a collection of simple scripts to automatically aggregate Dota match data from multiple sources and generate endpoint static reports containing most of the useful data. The scripts can be used to create reports from manually managed match lists, monitor live pro matches and generate endpoint HTML page with selected level of complexity.

The scripts are built using PHP7 and don’t use any kind of advanced techniques while being mostly “proof of concept” project. LRG2 also includes a bunch of Bash and Perl scripts, as well as a ton of SQL queries and is built on top of MariaDB.

(v1 released in ~2017, code is now frozen, see Simon for more info)

Working version


Guame is a stats platform suitable for use by competitive teams and tournament organizers built by Spectral and Winstrike.

Guame provides a wide range of useful stats while remaining high performant and fast. It’s capable to monitor live pro matches and manage up-to-date data for a selected range of teams, reusing full data analysis for every match the teams played.

Guame is built with PHP7 + ReactPHP, MariaDB and Lucap based framework, as well as AngularJS for frontend.


Simon is a (currently in development) stats platform suitable for both competitive use, tournament organizers and even regular players.

The platform is made for Dota 2 but can be easily modified to be suitable for any other game.

Simon provides a lot of insights and stats for a wide set of parameters and objectives while also remaining highly performant. Just like LRG2 it can use manually managed match lists, monitor live pro matches, aggregate multiple events inside one dataset. Newer features include wards data, advanced items information, static reports conversion and smart caching.

Simon is built with NodeJS, Express and PostgreSQL, while also using multiple assets and solutions based on Lucap and LRG2. Yoko (Simon frontend project) is based on ReactJS.

(estimated beta release date - ~June 2020, Apache2 licence)

Other stuff