⚠️ With 7.36 official Dota API stopped working.
Waiting for the fix for now and updating stuff to 7.36.
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About this site

Heya! I'm Leamare, and this is my personal website with all my things Dota. Historically my Dota content (blog, stats, arts, etc) always existed separately from everything else I do (personal blog, short stories, music). The name "Spectral" comes from my nickname "Spectral Leamare" and from my love to play Spectre in Dota.

This is not a "Project", it's a personal website.

What I do:

  • Make this website: everything is made by me (non-commercially) out of my curiosity
  • Team analyst (currently helping out HellRaisers and PuckChamp)
  • Analyst/statistician for tournaments (sometimes)
  • Write a blog about Dota 2 and stats
  • Hero builds and guides
  • Dota 2 consultations (about mechanics, lore, etc)
  • Sometimes I record an amateur podcast "Soul Ring" and video versions of my blog

Aside from I'm proud of:

  • Having a ton of games on Spectre (in total), has been in top-100 of various hero rankings
  • Worked at The International 10 as a statistician
  • Casually was coaching regular players
  • ~6.8k peak MMR

I don't have any sponsors, all my income from Dota things can be found on the "Support" page (these are mostly donations).

I'm available for partnership (you can find all the contact information on my personal contacts page), including working as a team analyst or statistician for an event.

My policies

  • All data should be available and open as much as possible. All my content can be accessed for free and I would like it to stay this way in future. Monetisation is possible, but only for special cases with some special functionality.
  • No ads or anything else that would distract from the data or make it harder to digest.
  • Open for partnership only if it won't violate other policies.
  • Goal: show Dota 2 community and pro teams how cool and valuable stats can be.
  • The APIs and data are free for non-commercial use. API Keys can be requested via Discord. Any commercial uses of this API or data without consent is prohibited (along with access abuses).

    API keys for commercial uses (along with higher rate limits), as well as advanced tools and APIs, as well as better documentation, consulting and feature implementation on request can be done through mail or discord (to discuss the terms of possible collaboration).