Note 1: Some projects are planned for several months. These will be listed twice: first would be either the starting point of its development or the first fully functional prototype, second being a point of release (if it is planned for release).

Note 2: It doesn't include texts/videos I have planned since I don't have any exact plans/order for them.

Note 3: Not all of the projects are properly explained here (and I did not intend to explain them here). You can ask me directly if you want to know the details (or you'll get them eventually, when the project will be near the final stage).

Note 4: This page will be updated occasionally, when stuff happens.



  • DPC2021 Reports Hub - done
  • LRG2API updates - done


  • Rendered hero images for Courier - 95% ready
  • Profile badge styled item icons - ~35% ready (~85% base items, 0% neutrals)
  • Infographic Generator - in progress, 60% ready


  • Guame 3.0.0 - in progress
  • Immortal lurker UI (name to be changed) - UI for immortal ranked API and match explorer, 25% ready
  • Sampletext 0.7.0 - in progress
  • Simon Core
  • Spectral Hub UI 1.5 (Kamina)
  • Hero Board Tool 2.0 (including export/import of dota 2 in-game hero grid config and possibly a better sharing/sync option)


  • Improved LRG2API daemon (should significantly reduce load and processing times)
  • Live matches API and UI
  • New main page


  • Sampletext 1.1.0
  • Simon Engine (data processors and API)

June and later

  • website update

    • Including multilingual blog, RSS, new design
    • Backported versions of all the articles that I wrote to different sources (with better formatting and stuff)
    • Guides section (with dota guides, synced with Nerds Hero Builds)
    • Tools section
    • Simon beta
  • New Simon nodes (Zet and Aiushtha)

  • New dev node

  • Simon UI (Yoko) and Stats Hub 2.0 powered by Simon

And then what?

I don't have idea. Most likely working on Simon. And most likely most of these plans will get changed throughout the year / projects will be postponed. I already have plenty of stuff to work on throughout the year.

Some things I consider making, but have no idea if I really want to

  • Discord version of notifier bot