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I'm Leamare and I'm making stats.

If you're just a fan of a my work you can just contact me directly or use any of support links you can find (e.g. on VK page or here).

If you're manager of a Dota 2 team - I can make you some stats, including detailed opponents analysis and scrims analysis. Yet again, contact me directly (you can use e-mail address spectre (at) spectral.gg) and we can discuss the terms.

I'm also considering partnership as analyst (on panel or in a team), sharing data for research purposes, as well as any other kind of partnership. You can contact me on Discord, Twitter, VK or via spectral (at) spectral.gg.

  • Winstrike / Modus Unity / FlyToMoon (Na'Vi now)
  • Luckbox
  • 682 (six eight two)
  • HFZ / TPB
  • Fnatic (during September-November 2018)